A 15-minute drive from Kotor is Perast, a magnificent medieval village under the protection of UNESCO. The two of them together are the best things to happen to a burgundy passport holder. I will try to tell you about Perast, but even if I take refuge in the "fairytale" or "poet" clichés, words are insufficient in the face of its beauty and the feelings it evokes. That's why we took a lot of photos. Here are 2 of the 4 most famous sights of all Montenegro: 1. Iconic silhouette of Venetian Gothic architecture 2. Two charming islands right in front of it: One of them is Sveti Djordje, which is a monastery island and is closed to touristic visits. George Island. Inside, there is only a church and bell tower belonging to the monastery. The other is Lady of the Rocks, which was made by human hands 600 years ago. There is a church on it, but it is open to visitors. We will talk about his interesting story in the places to visit section soon. If you go without visitin